A security expert overlooking surveillance footage

Property owners and managers use different methods to keep their properties safe. Every property is different, with many having their own unique security challenges and tactics for addressing these. Ultimately, owners and managers are looking for a strategy that is effective and not cost-prohibitive.  Real-time video monitoring provides an innovative and proven spin on, at best, a moderately effective and expensive security marketplace.


It’s Cost-Effective

The national average cost of hiring one onsite security guard ranges from $15 to $25 an hour. At this bill rate, this equates to anywhere from a $3,600 to a $6,000 per month investment to have one guard on duty for eight hours. If you think that sounds excessive, don’t worry – we do too! Traditional security guards are provided minimal training and, in many states, such as Georgia, they are not required even to be licensed. A more straightforward way to look at this is for a $6,000 per month investment, you could be creating a greater liability to your asset by placing a minimally trained and unsupervised security officer on site. Inversely, real-time video monitoring can cut your security expense by up to 60%, and your asset is monitored by trained and consistently supervised monitoring Agents. By leveraging your already installed camera infrastructure, video monitoring puts eyes and ears across your community all at one time. The security experts on the WideEye Surveillance team can identify threats and alert the proper authorities when the need arises. Compared to hiring a team of security guards, video monitoring from WideEye Surveillance is an extremely cost-effective way to keep an entire property safe.


It Creates Accountability

Let’s face it – sometimes we all need a little bit of accountability to make sure we’re staying on track. Whether it’s at the gym or work, it’s often too easy to lose focus of what we should be doing. Unfortunately, the same is true for security guards and other property staff as well. You’ve probably heard stories of guards falling asleep on the job or fraternizing with the people whom they are supposed to be monitoring. People working alone overnight, like security guards, are placed in a situation where these scenarios can easily play out. Many property owners realize the people they’re paying thousands of dollars to keep their properties safe have little to no accountability on a daily basis. One way to increase accountability while also boosting security measures is by adding video monitoring. Think about it – if you knew you had a team of surveillance Agents observing you while you work, would you be more likely to stay on task? It’s safe to say the answer is yes.


Here is an example where a WideEye Agent captured an onsite security guard doing shots of liquor with the same people that he was instructed to prevent from bringing alcohol into the pool area. Can you imagine the legal liability of having a drunk security guard monitoring a pool on the 25th floor of a high-rise building?  Fortunately, a WideEye Agent captured the incident, alerted property management, and the guard was quickly removed from the site.




It Increases Coverage

Like we said earlier, video monitoring places eyes and ears throughout your property in a matter of seconds. Multifamily and student housing, parking garages, and more can all benefit from additional security coverage to keep people safe. One major flaw of a single security guard is they can only see what’s directly in front of them. However, someone monitoring video cameras can see numerous vantage points covering the entire asset. Even if you choose to keep onsite security personnel in place, video monitoring is a cost-effective way to expand your coverage beyond its current capability.


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