View of a security camera on a ceiling

We know how costly traditional security methods can be – we even wrote an entire blog about reducing these expenses. Now that you know there are opportunities to lower your security costs, what can you do about it? A video monitoring service is a great way to cut your security costs while maintaining a high level of safety, but when equipment installation fees and new hardware are just as expensive, are you really saving money? When you choose WideEye Surveillance, you are. Let’s explore what makes WideEye the best option for your video monitoring needs.


The WideEye Advantage

Many VMS providers require you to pay for their cameras, pay their installation fee, and then pay for their monitoring service. It could result in you blowing through your entire security budget in one clean sweep. This process also opens you up to potential financial blowback down the line. If you decide to switch to a different VMS in the future, that company could require you to purchase and install their cameras at an additional cost, too.


At WideEye, this is not the case. We cut two of those costs right off the bat. We work with your existing camera system, so there’s no need to purchase new equipment. This also means you’re not liable for an installation fee because there’s nothing to install. You’ll experience the immediate savings that make switching to a VMS-fueled security system a legitimately logical approach.


How It Works

Our expert team always makes the process as easy as possible for you. We will pay a visit to your property to inspect your current cameras and camera layout. By collaborating with you, we identify any focus areas based on your concerns and develop a plan to ensure those areas are covered. If additional equipment is needed to provide the proper coverage you need, we can point you towards products and managed service provers we’ve had success with in the past. Once we develop a plan and gain access to the camera system at your property, we begin virtually patrolling your property to keep your community safe. Part of what makes WideEye different is that it’s a company run by real people with genuine concern for the safety and well-being of you and your community members. When you reach out to us, we answer.


It really is as simple as that. No hidden fees and no overwhelming costs just to get started. When you decide to invest in video monitoring, that’s all you should be investing in – not overpriced equipment and costly installation fees. If you’re ready to reduce your costs and implement a virtual security patrol, give WideEye Surveillance a call at (844)494-3339.