Security expert on the radio overlooking video surveillance

Video surveillance services revolutionized the security industry. As an industry leader, WideEye proudly offers state of the art real-time surveillance as part of an integrated guarding strategy. We utilize your existing video equipment to minimize costs and focus on what’s really important: protecting your community. One question people often ask is, how does our VMS patrol system work?

We virtually patrol properties based on customized plans, developed in partnership with each of our clients. Our proactive monitoring service functions as a force multiplier for any security provisions already in place.


Vigilant Monitoring

Our team listens to the concerns you have at your property to understand your community’s unique needs. We assess your current cameras with you to determine which configuration will provide optimum coverage. From there, our operators can conduct virtual patrols in a fraction of the time a physical patrol takes, resulting in more frequent patrols and consistent coverage.


VMS acts as a force multiplier for physical security by increasing the coverage of a property during high-risk hours. Our operators can direct physical security to the problem, making your onsite security presence more effective with faster response times. This is the ideal solution for multi-family housing, residential communities, and other similar properties due to their size and the resources required to thoroughly observe all areas of concern. Check out our past blog to learn more about the benefits of VMS for multi-family housing.


Swift Intervention

Real-time monitoring allows us to alert the proper authorities as an incident is in progress. When our agents detect a problem, they immediately enact the notification system in place. Depending on the situation, we will notify physical security, law enforcement, emergency maintenance, and/or other individuals you identify during the onboarding process. Too often, an onsite patrol misses a suspicious event or is at another location within your property when a crime occurs, unaware of the event that needs their attention. VMS provides you with an in-depth defense, eliminating gaps in coverage and allowing for swift intervention when you need it most.


WideEye is an innovative company with a unique approach to the security sector, blending human instinct with the power of technology through our virtual patrolling model. We work with you to solve your security concerns, functioning within your existing budget to optimize your overall security spend.




Call us at (844)494-3339 to learn more about our video monitoring services and how we can work with you to create a customized security plan, developed for your property and your needs.