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The COVID-19 pandemic has seemingly changed the world for the time being. Students are home from school, employees are home from work, but the need for security services is more necessary than ever. At WideEye Surveillance, our team is continuing to work around the clock to keep our clients and their properties safe.

Here’s a look at how we’re coping with COVID-19 and how our Virtual Security Program is adapting to the current situation.

Video Monitoring Must Go On
In a time where social distancing is the norm, our Virtual Security Program allows us to have eyes and ears on site, in real-time, without physically being there. This means less external contamination at your communities and faster response times to intervene when issues occur. In times like this, our team is consistently addressing new types of safety and security issues that are evolving by the day. Residential and commercial properties both are striving to re-open amenities while taking into account new strict social distancing guidelines that need to be enforced. We have an upper hand in this situation because our monitoring tactics allows our team to see a lot more at once than any single person can.

Let’s not forget, video monitoring can easily be done off-site. This means you can keep your property safe without having unnecessary external contamination. Furthermore, any security patrols you have become more efficient as they are alerted and dispatched immediately when issues are captured.

Residential security has had to adapt to all the new requirements related to COVID-19. Multi-family housing communities and homeowner’s associations are having to limit the amount of activity that takes place in public. From closing amenity centers, community pools, lobbies, gyms and other areas, residential properties must enforce distancing to keep their residents safe. Our Virtual Security Program allows owner and managers to re-open these resident coveted areas while being assured they are constantly monitored. Through monitoring and enforcing these new regulations, we assist our customers in opening amenities faster which leads to increased resident satisfaction and retention rates while working to ensure their assets are not the center of a COVID-19 outbreak.

All too common examples of overcrowded multi-family amenity areas. These are real examples of issues that our Agents captured and intervened. People counting and social distancing are two points our Agents are focusing on to protect our clients’ assets.

One thing we have noticed is that video cameras themselves are not serving as a deterrent to people following these new rules. By implementing a Virtual Security Program, proactive measures are put into place to deter people from hosting parties and monitor vulnerable areas keeps vandals and burglars away. Live video monitoring coupled with the onsite video cameras are positively affecting existing and new residential safety measures.

As people are sheltering in place, there is less and less “normal activity” moving around. This means that both in the residential and commercial space, criminals are taking advantage of the inactivity and preying on innocent victims. Without a quality Virtual Security Program, these criminals go unnoticed for minutes and sometime hours victimizing countless people.

Commercial and Retail
An unfortunate sign of the times is the countless number of empty businesses. With people staying home to stay safe, many businesses are going unwatched around the clock meaning there is a significant increase in vagrants loitering or worse, criminal activity. According to crime data from the NYPD, the amount of burglaries at commercial properties in New York City have increased 75 percent since the emergency declaration in New York took effect on March 12. Now is a great time for business owners to invest in professional video monitoring services to ensure their business is secured. Video monitoring allows a property to be monitored from anywhere. Even though a business might not be able to be open right now, business owners can rest easy knowing their assets are still being looked over.

Unfortunately, burglars love to prey on empty and unmonitored properties, both commercial and residential. Let us show you how we can keep your residents and assets safe now and into the future by contacting WideEye Surveillance at 844-494-3339 today!


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