Closeup view of a surveillance camera

Multi-family housing communities pose some unique security challenges compared to other housing types. Whether it is conventional apartments, student housing, or assisted living facilities, with tens, hundreds or even thousands of people living in one area, it is important to have safe and reliable security measures in place at all times. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the developments and amount of people coming and going can make this a challenge. According to the Atlanta Police Foundation, crime has been reduced by as much as 50% in areas of the city where surveillance cameras have been installed. If a city as large as Atlanta can see that much of a decrease in crime, imagine how video monitoring will be able to impact your multi-family community. Here is why utilizing a proactive video monitoring approach from WideEye Surveillance is statistically proven to address security concerns unique to multi-family housing.

More Eyes = Less Guys
Yes, you read that right. With more eyes in the sky there is less need for guys patrolling on the ground. Said another way, less need for expensive on-site guards. WideEye Surveillance’s video monitoring service can use your existing video cameras or install cameras all around your multi-family property. A team of trained professionals then monitors the video cameras in real-time and alert the proper authorities should an issue arise.
A person cannot be everywhere at once, but video cameras can. Having security personnel on the premises is not a bad thing, but video monitoring provides a force multiplier to boost the effectiveness of the on-site patrol or roving patrol you already have.

It’s Cost-Effective
Video monitoring is more cost-effective in the short and the long term than other types of security. A main competitor to video monitoring – on-site security personnel – is obviously going to come at a cost. You can eliminate most, if not all, of that cost by using video monitoring to your advantage. In fact, many of our clients have saved over 50% on their monthly security expense by switching to our Virtual Security Program. To cover the same amount of ground using on-site personnel as you can with cameras would cost a small fortune. It’s no stretch to say that video monitoring can easily save you some bucks and look less ominous to your residents than having a large patrol force.

Works Hand in Hand with Local Law Enforcement
Keeping large multi-family communities safe can have its challenges. This is why law enforcement agencies love real-time video monitoring. When police get a call from a WideEye Surveillance Agent, they know an event is occurring at that moment and they will have a quality video to use as evidence. Without real- time video monitoring, the property owner and manager is not made aware until the victim of that an incident reports the issue and the footage is viewed . This just is not acceptable anymore. In fact, a recent analysis of several new WideEye Surveillance customers showed that within the first 90-days of service, there was over a 63% reduction in property crimes as compared to the same time over the previous 3 years. Our clients and their local law enforcement both understand the value our real-time video monitoring service brings to their communities.

Video monitoring is transforming the way that security is conducted in multi-family housing. As increasing resident retention rates remains as a major focus point, can you risk having a poor security provider negatively impacting these rates? Do not get left behind as more and more multi-family communities are transitioning the way that security services are conducted. Contact WideEye Surveillance today at 844-494-3339 to learn all the ways our Virtual Security Program can benefit you.