Your Eyes In The Sky

Do you often wonder what is going on at your property or business while you’re sleeping? Worry no more. WE have you covered.

WideEye Surveillance provides live video monitoring services in real-time by integrating our technology with your existing camera infrastructure. WE catch criminals in the act.

Protect your business and property by keeping a watchful eye with state-of-the-art technology and virtual monitoring from WideEye.

WE save you money by monitoring your property virtually for unwanted criminal activity.



WideEye delivers an innovative and cost-effective approach to crime prevention by leveraging humans with technology. Our boutique tech-enabled services model is engineered to meet your specific requirements while providing best-in-class service.

As your eyes in the sky, WideEye agents proactively watch your cameras virtually, looking for suspicious or unwanted activity on your property.

WE save you money by reducing your need for physical security by applying our virtual monitoring solutions with your existing camera infrastructure.

When WE see something, WE say something. WE intervene by deploying talk-down speaker announcements and dispatching law enforcement or your physical security team to your property.

What We Do

WE take the mystery out of crime prevention.

  • WE integrate with most pre-existing video camera infrastructures.
  • WE use a patrol-based monitoring approach during a predetermined set of hours.
  • WE focus on any specific target areas that you determine, including, but not limited to
    • Amenity/Common Areas
    • Storage Areas
    • Mailrooms/Package Rooms
    • Pool/Hot Tubs
    • Parking Garages
    • Leasing Offices
  • When an Agent sees something, they say something by deploying talk-down speakers (if applicable) and contacting your boots on the ground. Boots on the ground can include a courtesy officer, security officer, and/or law enforcement.
  • An Incident Report is generated and delivered to onsite personnel detailing the previous night’s activities.


Live Video Monitoring

Talk-down Speaker

Playback Request

Down Camera Notifications

Daily Incident Report

Exceptional Customer Service

Who We Serve

WE understand the importance of safeguarding your business assets and ensuring the safety of
your employees and customers. That’s why WE offer advanced monitoring solutions tailored to
meet your business needs — preventing security breaches before they occur.

RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage Facilities

Our real-time monitoring and talk-down speaker deployment are perfect for intervening while police are on their way! WE help protect cars, boats, and any other assets with the following:

  • 360-degree real-time virtual monitoring
  • Talk-down speaker
  • Deployment of security or law
  • Customized camera integration for multiple asset monitoring in one interface
  • Targeted after-hours monitoring for access control and unauthorized areas
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Multi-Family Housing

WideEye integrates our virtual monitoring technology with your existing camera infrastructure to help address the most common issues your property is facing today:

  • Burglaries in parking garages
  • After Hours violation in amenity
  • Mailroom and package
  • Bike Cage Theft
  • Property Damage
  • Loitering
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Commercial Real-Estate & Parking Garages

Wide Eye integrates our monitoring technology with your existing camera infrastructure to provide all the coverage of a security guard at a fraction of the price.

  • 360-degree real-time virtual camera
  • Talk down speaker
  • Targeted after-hours monitoring for access control and unauthorized areas
  • Deployment of law enforcement or your security team
  • Customized camera integration for multiple asset monitoring in one interface
  • Meets insurance/regulatory compliance for mandatory security services
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Student Housing

Student housing presents unique security challenges for management companies, students, and parents. We take a balanced approach to our monitoring solutions to ensure all parties feel safe and secure.

  • Targeted monitoring times during high-impact events: homecoming, finals, weekend nights, bar closing times, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring quickly and customized targeting identifies suspicious patterns and reduces criminal activity
  • Prevent property damage and record
  • After Hours Violations and loitering
  • Car Burglaries
  • Mailroom and Package Theft
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Our team has a strong background in law enforcement and security and one-on-one customer service.
WE deliver actionable intelligence to community stakeholders, providing an impressive ROI.
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Caught on Camera

WE help to stop suspicious activity. Our surveillance footage helps catch intruders, vandals, and criminals in the act!

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No! We save you money by monitor your existing cameras for illegal or unwanted activity.

Cost Benefit:

  1. Because we are using your existing camera infrastructure, we can start monitoring your cameras for unwanted activity within 2 weeks of a signed contract.
  2. There are no major up-front costs for hardware or installation. There is a provisioning fee to determine if your existing infrastructure integrates with our technology.
  3. By using your existing cameras, you avoid the leasing fees typically associated with using a combined installation and monitoring company.

No! We save you money by monitoring your cameras virtually for illegal or unwanted activity on your property.

Cost Benefit:

  1. WE are less expensive than a physical security guard.
  2. WE are more reliable than a physical security standing alone.
  3. We can operate alone or work with your physical security team and local lawenforcement.

No! However, if you already have talk down speakers installed, we can utilize them as a deterrent and intervene until help arrives.
Cost Benefit:

  1. Talk down speakers are an effective communication tool and less expensive than a physical security guard.
  2. Talk down speakers broadcast one way communication to deter or stop unwanted activity in the act.
  3. There is no additional cost for this service.

Yes. Most of the time. However, we strongly recommend that you have your cameras and infrastructure maintained regularly by a technician to ensure everything is working properly.

No! WE save you money by protecting your business or property at a fraction of the cost of a physical security guard.

No! You can cancel at anytime with a 30 day written notice.

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